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“When work becomes play – the energy is endless!”

We interviewed Torbjörn Eriksson–CEO of Tenant & Partner, an advocate of workplace modernization and Advisory Board member at our WorkLife Arena event in Stockholm, in April.

Feb 06, 2020

How to apply Growth Mindset in leadership?

Having a ’Growth Mindset’ is often seen as a basic need for all Start-Up founders, and not something you find in many large corporations. Microsoft are bucking that trend.

Feb 02, 2020

10 years to go! The countdown has started towards the 15-hour work week…

Back in 1930, a well-respected British Economist named John Maynard Keynes, predicted that in 2030 the standard of living would be 4-8x higher than during his time, and due to a growth in wages, people would only need to work 15 hours per week – creating a `leisure class´.

Jan 30, 2020

Work Sustainability – What does it really mean?

Ensuring a sustainable workplace is a must, so here are the most important areas to tackle in you workplace.

Jan 24, 2020

Passion Exploitation – Are you a victim of your WorkLife dreams?

Being passionate about your work is important. We all know that. We are told to talk about our “passion for the job” in every job application and interview we do. But once you are in the workplace, is that passion being used against you – for the benefit of your boss, or company?

Jan 16, 2020

An Employee Experience doesn’t begin with Employment

Talent attraction and retention will continue to be some of the biggest work-place challenges in 2020, so selling a positive Employee Experience is essential for helping to solve these problems.

Jan 10, 2020
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