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5th of February 2020

Analytics day

18th of November 2020

Digital Workplace Summit

24th of April 2020



Digitala Strategidagarna Offentlig Sektor

3rd of March 2020

Encrypt it All

26th of May 2020

Agile Next Level

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Passion Exploitation – Are you a victim of your WorkLife dreams?

Being passionate about your work is important. We all know that. We are told to talk about our “passion for the job” in every job application and interview we do. But once you are in the workplace, is that passion being used against you – for the benefit of your boss, or company?

Jan 16, 2020

An Employee Experience doesn’t begin with Employment

Talent attraction and retention will continue to be some of the biggest work-place challenges in 2020, so selling a positive Employee Experience is essential for helping to solve these problems.

Jan 10, 2020

The Battle of the Business World – Human vs Data

Trying to make key business decisions has always been hard, even before we had the luxury of super-smart and super-fast computers that could churn out multiple data points for us to analyse, digest, analyse again - and take action on. Some would say that our access to data has in fact created more confusion, stress, and inaction - than actually provided any real analytical benefits.

Dec 05, 2019

How will AI revolutionize UX for websites?

It was missing the puzzle piece. How much more effective would your organization's website be if it knew what the user was looking for even before they visited it? How much less customer service would be needed? In today's blog post, Johan Albertsson from rek.ai talks about how AI can easily be applied to your organization's website.

Oct 10, 2019

Technology, ethics and value, as told by Jonas Dahlberg from Microsoft.

Jonas Dahlberg works with Microsoft's Azure cloud services, which make the cloud more accessible for companies, leading to easy scaleability and a high level of efficiency in various industries. AI services are connected to the cloud services and we were curious about Jonas' thoughts on AI technology, ethics and value.

Sep 15, 2019

Att införa en RPA-lösning från start till mål

Denna workshop går steg för steg igenom och ger dig tips och verktyg för hur du och din organisation bör arbeta med alltifrån att sätta upp strategier, göra business case och analyser av vilka processer som går att automatisera och skapa förtroende och engagemang hos både medarbetare och ledning för driften av RPA-lösningen, till att faktiskt genomföra implementeringen och ha en plan och organisatoriska förutsättningar för den fortsatta förvaltningen.

Sep 09, 2019
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