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Back to the Office Digital Summit Schedule

The schedule can be changing as we are developing the event programme.
The conference is in English and takes place in between 12:00 – 16:00 CET both days.
Day 1,
September 9th 2020
Day 2,
September 10th 2020
12:00 -12:10 Greeting and opening by the moderator Maddy Savage – Freelance BBC Journalist and Moderator 12:00 -12:10Greeting and opening by the moderator Maddy Savage – Freelance BBC Journalist and Moderator
12:10-12:40Key note session. The Big Reset: Using Data to Make Sense Of Workplace After The Coronavirus Crisis by Peggie Rothe, Chief Insights & Research Officer with Leesman 12:10-12:40Inconvenient Conversation: Promoting collaboration in crisis: by Elena Aylott, Vice President Global Employee Experiencу, Oriflame Cosmetics and Neil Usher, Chief Partnerships Officer, GoSpace AI and Maddy Savage, the moderator.
12:40 -13:20Panel Talk: The new normals of the people centered workplaces by Chris Fung, Co-Founder of Lunch.Co, David Brudö the Co-Founder of Remente and Henrik Järleskog Regional Director Nordics – Director of Strategy & Director of Marketing of Sodexo. 12:40 -13:10Key note session. What is a Sustainable Workplace in the new circumstances by Sophie Wade Workforce Innovation Specialist and LinkedIn Instructor: Gen Z, Empathy
13:20 -13:35 Coffee Break and Social Activities13:10 -13:25Coffee Break and Social Activities
13:35 – 14:05 Key note session. Returning to Work in an Era of Heightend Sensitivity, by Kay Sargent Director of WorkPlace of HOK13:25 – 13:55 Panel Talk The immediate opportunities and new business models created by the urgency of the global pandemic that make the real estate branch reinvent itself fast by Peter Ankerstjerne Global Lead, Facility Management & Experience Services, JLL and by Cecilia Beck-Friis CEO of Hemnet
14:05-14:35 Interview. The Return To Work Roadmap‎: coming back, part time present or permanently remote by Nazir Ul-Ghani Head of Workplace, EMEA, Facebook13:55-14:25 Key note session. Upsides of timely investments into a modern digital workplace by Daniel Lundin, Director End User Productivity at Scania
14:35 -14:50 Coffee Break and Social Activities 14:25 -14:40Coffee Break and Social Activities
14:50-15:20Key note session.Explaining the new WELL Health-Safety Rating for all buildings and facilities to address the challenges and concerns of a post COVID-19 built environment by Eleftherios Zacharakis, Associate Market Solutions at International WELL Building Institute14:40-15:10Key note session. Creating Inclusive Workplaces in the Post-COVID19 World by Dr. Poornima Luthra Founder and Chief Consultant, TalentED Consultancy ApS
15:20 -15:50Inconvenient Conversation: Six lies about the office post-Corona – an inconvenient conversation about our “New Normal” assumptions by Jonas Westerlund & Torbjörn Eriksson from Tenant and Partner 15:10 -15:50 Panel Talk: Workplace Revisited – rethinking the post COVID “workplace” by Yvonne Sorensen Björud, CEO of United Spaces, Jeanna Lundberg CEO of Respaces and Aleksey Nikulin Co-Founder of Lunch.Co
15:50 – 16:00Summary and Farewell by the moderator 15:50 – 16:00Summary and Farewell by the moderator

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