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An Employee Experience doesn’t begin with Employment

Talent attraction and retention will continue to be some of the biggest work-place challenges in 2020, so selling a positive Employee Experience is essential for helping to solve these problems.

Jan 10, 2020

Employer Branding is one of the newest and most promising ways for companies to promote themselves, their culture, and their values, to potential employees. With very little cost, a company can present its workplace, teams and activities, by simply using the growing power of social networking sites – bringing in a steady flow of new talent ‘fans’ who want to work at a company that matches their own personal values and goals. 

Here are 5 useful tips, so you can get started with Employer Branding in your company – big or small. 

#1 – Low Cost Action

Companies do not always need to build a dedicated website in order to communicate what amazing employers they are. This makes Employer Branding, through social media, a great and affordable communication strategy for companies that need to attract talent, grow fast, and keep their teams onboard, at a low cost. You can see some amazing examples of companies, such as Starbucks Jobs on Instagram, showing their teams at work – and play, which gives a great insight into the culture and values of the organisation.

#2 – Plan Ahead

Creating a plan before you start your Employer Branding communication is essential. Decide on what message you want to present – and who do you want to see it. 


You must also think about who will manage the social media pages, what kind of posts are best for getting your message across, and the amount of time that needs to be invested in the tasks, so that you reach your goals. As with any marketing campaign, you should also set a timeline, track results v goals – tweaking, and improving, the messaging, as you go.

#3 – Research Trends

When looking into building a Facebook or LinkedIn page for your company, research how similar companies to yours, are using their pages on social networks. Find out what videos they’ve created, promotions they’re running, and what other kinds of content they’re using. Make sure that your page is unique though, don’t just copy them!

#4 – Be Relevant 

Consider sharing other people’s content, related to your industry. Being a resource for the curation of the latest industry news, shows that you are in touch with current trends and have an opinion on the things that matter in your sector – be known as a “Thought Leader”.

#5 – Tell your story

You must communicate on a regular basis, WHY people work for your company. Share genuine stories from your teams; let them show how they work day-to-day, what motivates them, and what common goal they are working towards.

It’s clear that a positive Employee Experience can actually start from the moment someone discovers your company and starts to follow you on social media. Their opinion of your company becomes more intense once they apply for a job, become employed, and then lasts right up until the moment they leave the company, on their final day. 

Or does it really just stop there? 

Some people even become alumni and ambassadors for their former employers – so perhaps the Employee Experience never really ends!

Thank you!