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How will AI revolutionize UX for websites?

It was missing the puzzle piece. How much more effective would your organization's website be if it knew what the user was looking for even before they visited it? How much less customer service would be needed? In today's blog post, Johan Albertsson from rek.ai talks about how AI can easily be applied to your organization's website.

Oct 10, 2019

Today’s most successful services, such as Netflix and Spotify, rely heavily on allowing artificial intelligence to recommend what content the user is shown. But at the same time, this type of functionality is very uncommon on “regular” websites.

An example where this type of solution works very well is that many people search for ‘snow removal’ on government websites immediately after a big snowfall. Another example is that if the user has been researching about building permits on a website and then goes into “forms and E-services” – then chances are that the building permit form the user is looking for will show up.

Our belief is that AI-driven personalization will radically change the perception of UX and user experience. The websites that are now static and display the same information for each visitor will be enhanced with AI models for personalization.

The problem with static websites is that no adjustments are made based on the visitor’s actions. This creates an unnecessary barrier for the visitor, which can lead them to contact support or leave the site. This of course creates costs and lowers your KPIs.

But if a website’s UX incorporates personalization so that the visitor automatically receives the information based on input from similar users, you can streamline your website considerably.

AI personalization also does not require the hands-on development of developers, as it is the job of the AI ​​model to learn the patterns found in visitor statistics with the help of training.

The time administrators, editors, and developers today spend on analysis and attempts at personalization can instead be spent on developing even better UX and content.

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