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It is difficult to be employed.

Björn Barrögård from Atea discusses who takes up the digital workplace as an ecosystem and how they should balance to achieve the best possible results.

Aug 29, 2019

How do I work with this platform? Where can I find information? Will a video meeting work for all participants? If I share a document, will it work outside my organization? 

There are so many questions about the digital workplace that I as an employee need to get answers to. At Atea, we believe that when it becomes complicated and frustrating for the employee, digitalization and innovation are required.

We see the digital workplace as the digital ecosystem that you as an employee live with every day. Place orders in business systems, video meetings with colleagues, document management or just such a “simple” thing as logging in. All this and much more must work every day all the time, preferably with some customization for you as an employee.

The future is already here, big companies are being “out-competed” by startups, the cloud is “competing” with the IT departments,  and career opportunities are becoming global in a whole new way. 

Our solution is based on the fact that we, together with our customers, embark on a journey we do not exactly know the destination of, and are aware that the journey may change along the way. Large projects and programs are often not success stories, but rather less manageable pieces with tangible results. They both give more power and cost less, but it requires a new mindset. Think big, Start small and most important of all, stay true to your decision. In the Agila manifesto, it says “Responding to change over following a plan”, I think this is exciting when we talk about change being constant. We as a supplier and with our customers need to be really skilled at balancing.

Last but not least, the success is almost created by those who can handle it and make it usable for the consumer. What do you have for TTE (Time-To-Employee)?

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