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Anders Enmark


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Anders Enmark


Anders Enmark – Digital Strategist at Lantmäteriet
Speaking Points at Digitala Strategidagarna 5th of November 2019

Innovation draws the map of the future

Working with innovation and digitalization has become a natural part of the organisation’s development work. So how has the authority created the conditions for these innovative ideas to be initiated and flowered? The key lies in creating a culture within the organization that encourages innovation and which creates a mindset of the employees who enable everyone to think innovatively. But HOW do you succeed?

Anders Enmark, Digital Strategist at the Land Survey, will talk about how the authority not only sees the results of innovation as important, but also the innovation process itself. It creates attractiveness for both collaborations and recruitment and ultimately drives the digitization in the organization. He will also talk about two specific innovation initiatives that have been successful where AI and robotization have been used to streamline operations.


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Anders Enmark

18th of November, 2019

Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm

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