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Johan Magnusson


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Johan Magnusson

University of Gothenburg, SCDI

Johan Magnusson – Head Of Division, Information Systems at University of Gothenburg, Co-director at SCDI

Johan Magnusson is an associate professor at the Department of Applied IT at the University of Gothenburg and the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation. His research concerns public sector digitalisation from a governance perspective. He is a regular speaker and debater, as well as adviser to both public and private organizations. For more information, see www.scdi.se/researchers/johan-magnusson

Speaking Points at Digitala Strategidagarna 5th of November 2019

Right direction? Lessons learned from measurement and follow-up of digital maturity.

The first scientifically based national measurement of digital maturity in the public sector reveals a clear pattern of misguided investments. Do we have the right data and methods to control digitization? Do we set the right priorities, and do we create the right conditions for being the best in the world at exploiting the opportunities of digitalization? The session is based on research conducted at the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation (www.scdi.se) through the tool for measuring and monitoring digital mature researchers developed on behalf of the Government Offices (www.digitalforvaltning.se).


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Johan Magnusson

05 November 2019


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