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Neil Usher


With over 25 years in the industry as a property, workplace and change leader, Neil has delivered innovative environments for organisations in a variety of sectors, all over the world including Warner Bros., Honeywell, Rio Tinto and Sky. He is now Chief Workplace Officer for GoSpace, the first AI application for the workplace. Together with this practical experience, his influential blogs and regular conference talks have made him a leading thinker in the profession. His first book The Elemental Workplace was published in 2018 and the follow-up Elemental Change will be out in November 2020.

A few bullet points – I’ll take a contra view so it isn’t al a big agreement, if that’s okay:

We’ve been wanting to see closer co-operation between Workplace and other corporate functions for decades – yet the pandemic may not be the catalyst we are imagining:
In an even more competitive environment, co-operation may be further challenged
Workplace strategy is being developed at a higher level within the organisation, moving Workplace further down the value chain
An understanding of the digital workplace is now vital – and the Workplace discipline has shown itself to be slow to invest in this understanding
There is also a very real possibility that ‘workplace’ may become subsumed into other functions and cease to be

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