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Rasmus Solholm


Rasmus Solholm is the founder of Gigstr. Gigstr is a Stockholm based all-in-one gig matching service for companies, jobseekers, freelancers and teams working across the nordics. With Gigstr companies can get help building flexible organisations, hire and recruit skills as well as get help with the entire project and solutions in areas such as customer service, operations, marketing and technology.

Gigstr has helped both large corporations and start-ups build more flexible organisations. As well as launched several initiatives for flexible work, including Växla Jobb with Swedbank, Telefonapoteket with Meds.

Rasmus beliefs that more and more work will be gig-based in the future. And that careers will be built by individual blocks of skills, experience and networks – not by which specific companies and schools you have experience from. In fact according to a PWC study (2017), 90% of all jobs will be gig-based within 10 years.

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