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Robin Hjelte


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Robin Hjelte


– Where to start,
– What to prioritize,
– Working in a network of stakeholders,
– Maximizing the value of a small organization, through cloud and practical applications of AI

Building a platform for actionable insights at Swish
With more than 7 million users and 1,5 million payments every day, Swish has quickly become a household name in Sweden. Swish has a unique position in an ecosystem of users, merchants, banks and innovative partners, with access to a data set that is an incredible source of valuable insights. This also means a great deal of responsibility, and requires trust between all parties. During the past year Swish has worked intensely with unlocking the potential of the data and building the foundations of a platform for actionable insights.
In his presentation, Robin will share some of the main learnings from this endeavour:
  • A user is not a transaction. Understanding user motivations requires combining several data sources.
  • User integrity is key. Privacy, anonymization and strict access control need to be by design.
  • Insight is generated in networks. A lean organization like Swish needs to leverage its network to create value.


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5th of February, 2020

Epicenter, Stockholm

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