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Soraya Contreras


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Soraya Contreras

Humana AB

Whether you are alone in your role as a digital specialist or are part of a team with several digital experts, a common challenge exists. How do you sync your customers’ needs with the company’s integrated structures and working methods?

With the ultimate goal of a data-informed organization that dares to fail at a rapid pace, and rise with insight-driven decisions, Soraya has worked with change management in parallel with the implementation of new platforms and tools for many years.

Engagement, inclusion and courage are the guiding principles when she presents concrete cases that led her up to an audience at the board’s table.

Soraya Contreras – Digital Manager at Humana AB

Soraya runs lead generation and optimization of digital channels at Humana. Combining her technical knowledge with analysis and building a culture where we dare to test, fail quickly and optimize insight-driven is her focus.

Getting creative around optimization and A/B testing is the most fun thing there is! There is a great social commitment as well as a burning interest in digital channels, as well as a technical knowledge to understand what solutions are needed for each individual test and challenge, where problem solving and teamwork are a requirement for success. It’s about understanding what we do, and being able to make data-driven decisions in order to lead the organization in the right direction.

She is also passionate about creating understanding and training in the field, including by running her work together with Digital operations, a cross-functional team in four markets through three business areas.



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5th of February, 2020

Epicenter, Stockholm

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