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Stefan Ellström


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Stefan Ellström


Stefan Ellström – Business Developer at Bolagsverket

Stefan has a wide interest in the IT area and in making IT more effective for the business.

Starting with System Development in a number of programming languages, he also has worked with Technical Infrastructure, Database Management, Technical Project Management and IT Architecture.

Stefan finds it very interesting to use the experience in these areas to create solutions (and that goes for technical solutions as well as processes etc.) that can work well and be effective without beeing too large and heavy in themselves.

Nowadays, he works a lot with processes and stratetic planning in order to make his organisation better prepared for coming business requirements, still using his earlier experiences.


Speaking Points at Digitala Strategidagarna 5th of November 2019

Where is the Swedish Companies Registration Office and why? What new opportunities do we see with the help of AI?

The company information that we have in our records is a fantastic asset and an important resource for society. We will create the conditions for a business where you can trust each other and the information that we and others need to collect is already out at the companies. The potential of thinking new and allowing data to be more automated from companies is huge. It can create added value such as increased security and higher quality, simplification and faster access to current information.

During the presentation, we would like to tell you how we look at information provision in the future and about current cases where we work to use AI: · To combat eco crime · Review and registration of company names · To convert scanned documents into digital information for smarter processing.


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Stefan Ellström

05 November 2019


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