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Torbjörn Eriksson

Torbjörn Eriksson

Tenant & Partner

Torbjörn Eriksson – CEO at Tenant & Partner

Torbjörn is an entrepreneur, health orientated and CEO at Tenant & Partner. He finds his inner drive when being in constant development. Development in form of personal growth, development of others and of organizations. To work in a innovative environment and contribute to others success gives him energy.

Based on future needs, Tenant & Partner work with premises, technology and working methods to create tailored conditions for our customers’​ success. Their ambition is to create “Performing Workplaces®” where the best employees desire to work, to socialise and develop. At Tenant & Partner you find an inventory of professional service providers such as; real estate economists, lawyers with a focus on rental and property law, civil engineers, experienced relocation project managers, workplace strategists and change managers. They provide expert assistance with everything from tenant representation in the form of legal or financial advice, relocation projects and contract management.