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To Energize and Engage – How to keep employees happy and healthy

Now more than ever, it is harder to maintain a connected and enthusiastic workplace. That is why companies like Challengize are becoming more popular to keep workforces together during the Covid era. These types of companies bring employees together and keep them engaged, active, and motivated with proactive health initiatives.

Sep 03, 2020

 The Back to the Office Digital Summit team took the time to look into what makes Challengize such a hot platform, and how companies like this can be used to maintain an active and focused workforce.

How to keep an engaged healthy workforce

Challengize is a social, modern and 100% digital team health challenge where all forms of activities count. Cycling or yoga. Walking or aerobics. Tennis or golf. They all count and the smart and scientific Challenge Points system rewards you for who you are, and what you have done. Companies can put a focus on healthy everyday exercise, collaboration, and create a winning corporate culture with your colleagues across the entire organisation, no matter where in the world they are.

These activities pull teams together. A health initiative has to be fun and social in order to increase collaboration and create true team-spirit. That is why Challengize is a team challenge, where the team’s effort is emphasized more than the individuals. With the team in focus, natural and invaluable team-building can be reached more effectively. 

Measurable and Actionable Data

When you make a health investment, you want to know what you get out of it. That is why these platforms give you complete measurability on your organisations’ well-being and also measure progression during workout sessions. This is valuable information for health Incentives, and for setting goals and team building during this time where co-workers might get to see each other as often. 

In real-time employees can follow the progress of their colleagues across the entire organisation. Send motivating likes and comments, see their own statistics, and offer encouragement as people strive to reach their goals. These types of features are essential for keeping a sense of culture while the workplace is remote. 

Real life results and cases

The team of Back to the Office Digital Summit reached out to Challengize for some real life cases, and real life usage, shows amazing results!

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global IT services firm with more than 387.000 employees. TCS, being a TATA company, is well known for contributing to society and investing in its people. As part of its global commitment to promote well-being and a healthy lifestyle, TCS has a tradition of sponsoring marathon events, such as New York, Boston, Mumbai, and Singapore. In Sweden, TCS is the title and technology sponsor of TCS Lidingöloppet, the world’s largest cross-country race.

To reinforce the company’s commitment, TCS launched TCS Challenge, an initiative engaging employees, clients and partners to form joint teams and improve their health & well-being, collaboration and team Spirit. TCS introduced an online health challenge with health tips, TCS Running Clinics, and a tough goal – TCS Lidingöloppet. The company also ensured that physical efforts invested by participants triggered a monetary donation from TCS towards a social cause: Astrid Lindgren’s Children Hospital.

To measure how the Challenge has affected TCS, Challengize conducted a three-question survey that all participants answered before, during and after their Challenge. The questions are about how active you are, your physical form and general well-being. They seem simple, but they create a powerful tool to generate insights about how different teams, units and the company as a whole are scoring.

TCS really bought into the challenge and engaged more than 250 employees and clients, who collected points by performing a variety of sports and other physical activities. At the end of the event, members of TCS raised their overall health and well-being by 12.5 percent, showing a clear improvement in the TCS employees health. 

In addition to TCS, the swedish network giant Telenor also saw significant results with Callengize, With over 30.000 employees, Telenor is one of the biggest mobile network companies in Scandinavia. In 2017, the Swedish branch focused on team building and employee wellness and implemented a 360° Health Challenge: a mix of Team-Challenge, Challengize Run Club, and even Rooftop Training! Similar to TCS, Telenor was able to increase their employees well-being by 11.67% based on the same measuring system used for TCS.

A better, healthier workplace

The Challengize platform is easy, effective, and fun. These three traits make it a very attractive option for companies that are looking to add to their office culture to bring employees closer together while also improving their health and collective enthusiasm.

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