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What’s your focus — productivity or engagement?

It is obviously not an “either/or” question, but it makes you think doesn’t it? You may even find the question irritatingly un-answerable. Engaged people are more productive. Productive people feel more engaged. Surely productivity and engagement are the same thing? Or are they?

Oct 20, 2020

We all have a bias toward what we value the most. Some of us pay more attention to culture, others to strategy. Some of us want to protect, others push to empower. And we all have a tendency to pay attention to what is measured.

It has never been more important to stop and reassess our approach.

The increase in productivity from investing in technology is not meeting expectations — 1.9 percent in 2018, down from 2.9 percent in the early 2000s.

More worryingly, according to Gallup, a staggering 87 percent of employees around the world are disengaged or actively disengaged at work!

Citrix recently created a tool to evaluate your leadership style in relation to productivity and engagement. Discover the impact of your approach and access relevant information to help you moving forward.

Both engagement and productivity are strongly influenced by interruption and digital distraction. According to a UC Irvine study, after only 20 minutes of interrupted performance, people reported significantly higher stress, frustration, workload, effort, and pressure. Harvard Business Review reported that context switching between apps can result in a 40 percent loss of productivity.

How do you address technology, productivity, and engagement together? Is it time for a new collaboration between IT and HR?

Learn more and access the tool at https://www.citrix.com/en-gb/products/citrix-workspace/form/leading-employee-experience-quiz.html.

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