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Virtual Events Production

The COVID-19 crisis has placed many businesses in a limbo.

We at Summit & Friends are here to help you keep your business flow and stay in touch with your audience by delivering high quality virtual and hybrid events.

Most common challenges
No delivery process in place

Designing and producing a virtual event is hard, especially when you have not done it before.

We have the expertise to take you through the process of creating and delivering a top-notch virtual event that fits your business needs.

Too many providers with confusing offers

There are too many providers with different and confusing offers pushing their solutions and platforms.

We will offer you the solution that fits your business objectives, KPIs and budget.

Hard to predict online engagement

Understanding your attendance potential, setting realistic engagement KPIs or designing the right retention tactics is not something that most providers will offer you.

We have done big production for participants in up to 47 countries and can help you set the right expectations.

Why work with us
  • We won’t charge you for broadcast space – like most of the conference venues do.
  • We work with top video-studios to deliver TV-level production quality with guaranteed top-rate conferencing connection and visual clarity.
  • We will help you set up the broadcast platform and best match your objectives, KPIs and budget.
  • We are agile and flexible, meaning we can jump into your process and assist where it’s really needed.
  • We put an emphasis on the visual appeal of your event, so it has more repeat viewers post event.
  • We deliver our meetings and events on an international level – it will be easy and effective to share your work on global social networks.
We can also:
  • Reinforce and add value to your event with our network of speakers, moderators and inspiration gurus.
  • Support you on digital communications, campaigns and logistics.
Our production process

We are doing high quality studio broadcast with professional moderation which will allow us to have TV level recordable content available post event.

As a speaker you can participate in multiple ways – from the studio, remotely from your laptop or event by calling in from your phone, Technology that we use will significantly elevate the content of your presentation due to interactivity and augmented reality features.

Design your own space
You can create a universal space as a multi-purpose landing or destination area. This space offers the flexibility of using a pre-defined direct or remote speaking options.
Keynote interactive session
Panel interactive sessions
Interaction & engagement
We can help you implement or develop interactive digital features that allow you to measure the audience’s interest and engagement with your content and drive traffic to your website. Some examples of what is possible:
  • 1

    Custom Branding

  • 2

    Interactive Slides

    Live stream or pre-recorded video.

  • 3

    Picture-in-Picture Video

  • 4

    Call to Action Button

    This function is available on replay to reinforce new waves of traffic to your website

  • 5

    Engagement and gamification

    Contests, prize-driven challenges.

  • 6

    Group Chat

    Moderation available.

  • 7

    Call to Action Links

    Drives trtaffic to your desired content, optimal to continue your presen- tation with a specific offer / special deal.

  • 8

    Chat, Q&As, Polls, Emojs

Pre recorded and Live Interactions
Pre record your sessions for the conference day and build interactive activities and prize driven challenges.
Our services & deliverables
Pre event
  • Detailed event sequence scenario
  • Pre recording of speakers in the studio
  • Static and video / dynamic graphical package based on the clients brandbook
Post event
  • Complete recording of your event in .MOV
  • Post event inspifrational video + backstage
  • Post event content driven video (speakers quotes, highlights of the day, etc. based on the client’s assignment)
  • Replay of the event (depending on the platform)
  • Conference Production/ Content production/ Program development
  • Studio Operations & Logistics
  • Moderation
  • Graphical engineering and mixing
Full studio setup
  • Professional video production studio with the top-notch equipment and technical setup. Adjustable green room background settings with a true TV-production feel
  • Experienced technical crew
  • Strong broadband that can deliver high quality broadcast
Broadcast support
  • Support with setting up the streaming solution to best fit your conference objectives, KPIs and technical requirements
  • Consulting and supporting with solutions on viewer engagement and retention, including interactivity and gamification
  • Administration and set up of the broadcast platform
  • Onboarding with the streaming platform functionality, training and consulting on the platform set up
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